SFBI Panel Banking in South Florida – Current and Prospective Accounting Issues
January 1, 1970
SFBI: Chief Credit / Enterprise Risk
January 1, 1970
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Eagerly awaited every year, this event really brings to light how many banking professionals undergo similar obstacles and what technology and strategies are used by our panelists, all of them well respected banking executives.

The panel focused on the established importance of maintaining positive relationships with clientele and how to achieve institutional growth. One of the interesting topics was technology, which at times may be viewed as inadequate for some banks but could also be something that provides incredible potential for development, by allowing them to be more than transactional. From an institutional viewpoint, banks are being overtaken by numerous regulations which raises the level of awareness and concern on what will come next for the future of banking. Community banks seem to be going for a boutique feel, and staying true to their mottos. Brick & mortar banks seem to be becoming less personal, but somewhat convenient. What is the best strategy in maintaining growth? Some seem to think that the answer is to begin by remaining independent and develop the areas one can depend on. What factor(s) define the line in what you can afford to gain in one sector and potentially lose on the other?

In order to have exponential growth you really have to solve problems in new ways. Combining technology, the innovation of products, and having convenience play a key part, seems to be elevating growth and interest. How can the future of banking create an efficient relationship for clients? Only time will tell.


Daniel Martinez, Executive Vice President, Professional Bank

Panel Speakers:

Jose Cueto, President & CEO , International Finance Bank

Dwight Hill, President & CEO, Sabadell United Bank

Raul Valdes-­Fauli, President & CEO, Professional Bank

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The next South Florida Banking event will be February 17, 2016 at Coral Gables Country Club located at 997 North Greenway Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33134