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Cyber Security

Date: October 18, 2017

Moderator: Guillermo A. Benites
Vice President Of Financial Services
United Data Technologies

Mauricio Angee – Chief Information Security Officer, Mount Sinai Medical Center
John L. Corina – MBA, CPA, CISA Bank Information Technology Examiner OCC
Dr. Hernan Londono – Associate Vice President for Technology and CTO, Barry University
Mike Sanchez – Chief Information Security Officer, United Data Technologies

South Florida Banking Institute rolls out the new season with a Cyber Security panel.Cyber security has been a topic of interest and will continue to be as the years come.With the Equifax breach that happened early 2017, there is an increased alert within all types of industries to secure confidentiality, and to prepare against attacks.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, the threat landscape is increasing, not only in financial institutions-but medical facilities as well.

Mauricio Angee, Chief Information Security Officer at Mount Sinai Medical Center states that they are prepared to start receiving information from false sources and identity fraud due to the Equifax breach.

John L. Corina, MBA, CPA, CISA Bank Information Technology Examiner OCC, urges financial institutions to become familiar with the Cyber security assessment tool, have quality control, and make sure to update and patch your systems and software in a timely fashion.

Mike Sanchez, Chief Information Security Officer, United Data Technologies, states that cyber security is business process issue and not a technology issue. The spend for cyber security is really high, and the reason for that is that there is a miscommunication between the business sector and the technology sector. Companies need to understand how to manage risks no matter what sector within a company you are in. Insurance companies are going to take much more aggressive approaches to handling claims.

Dr. Hernan Londono and Mauricio Angee both were in agreement that it is important to start looking at Cyber Security as an asset to look for during new hires.

“The field is new, so don’t expect to find people who have experience. Hire people who are willing to learn, talent is important.

Advice that any industry should follow:

  • Know what you are regulating and work around that.
  • Prepare your policies and procedures.
  • Have a disaster recovery plan.
  • Invest time into finding the right candidate for your company that has Cyber Security education and/or experience.

Special thanks to this month’s sponsors United Data Technologies, and Check Point Software Technologies, LTD for sponsoring this event.