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January 1, 1970
SFBI Panel Banking in South Florida – Current and Prospective Accounting Issues
January 1, 1970
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The Future State of Banking in Cuba

On September 16, 2015, a panel of accounting experts discussed the current and upcoming accounting state of affairs with Cuba at SFBI’s new home for events­ Coral Gables Country Club. Being hosted by South Florida Banking Institute, the night was presented with a cocktail hour involving registration beforehand, where professionals indulged in the opportunities to network with each other before the panel commenced, and followed by a delectable meal. An event suggested for Senior Management, Board members, and Consultants, the panel provided information on the impact of security measures dependent on U.S. policy in Cuba, the changes that have been made throughout history up to now, as well as highlighting the impact from a regulatory standpoint. The audience was engaged in the question and answer sessions that occurred throughout the panel, which definitely shows the importance of being involved in this particular area, especially living in a latin community. This is just one of a series of panels SFBI will be hosting (once a month, at Coral Gables Country Club). Members are definitely looking forward to upcoming events.