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Cyber Security and Vendor Management and Best Practices

Date: February 15, 2017

Moderator: Guillermo A. Benites
Vice President Of Financial Services
United Data Technologies

John L. Corina
MBA, CPA, CISA,Bank Examiner (BIT) with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency out of the Miami Field Office.
Robert Villanueva
Executive Vice President Cyber Threat Intelligence Division of Q6 Cyber
Manny Hernandez
Member of Security Team at United Data Technologies

It is to no doubt that cyber security is one of the biggest issues in 2017.The threat landscape is increasing, whether it be in hospitals, financial institutions, even simply swiping your card at a gas station- there is risk of getting breached.In the United States, every single day there are attacks against financial institutions.Robert Villanueva mentioned that “It is not a matter of whether you are getting breached- it is about when you’re getting breached”.Some of the main precautions financial institutions can take to be prepared were discussed throughout the night.

Some of these preventative measures include:

  • Educating employees and having procedures in place in case of an attack
  • Do not simply rely on your antivirus software for protection
  • Ensure a safe network in place with encrypted data backups
  • Report suspicious activity to a designated area or department
  • Separate personal and business information (personal emails on a work computer, for example)
  • Analyze your traffic and control who is on your network

As hackers become more experienced and malware more advanced, taking initiative on preparing your organization for any cyber attack scenarios can help protect your company against being the weakest link.

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