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CEO Panel 2019

Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 | Time: 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location: Miami Airport Hilton, 5101 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, FL 33126

Moderator: Danny Martinez, Executive Vice President, Private Banking, Professional Bank

Panelists: Luis de la Aguilera, President, CEO and Director, U.S. Century Bank, Abel Iglesias, President & CEO, Professional Bank,
Antonio Uribe, President & CEO, Terrabank

(Miami, FL)- South Florida Banking Institute kicked off the first event of the year, focusing on insights provided by some of South Florida’s banking industry leaders. Panelists included: Luis de la Aguilera- President, CEO and Director of U.S. Century Bank, Abel Iglesias- President and CEO of Professional Bank, and Antonio Uribe- President and CEO of Terrabank. Danny Martinez, Executive Vice President of Private Banking, Professional Bank took the stage to moderate and open up the discussion on challenges and lessons learned from years of experience in leadership roles.

One of the challenges brought up during discussion is FinTech, otherwise known as financial technology. Staying up to date on the realm of fraud and implementing the technology to stay steps ahead of them is one of the biggest challenges.Clients want and need to make sure their money is in good hands as well as having the ease of access that developing technology provides. Personalized service and technology go hand in hand, and with that, some tips provided by the panel of CEOs include:

  • Stay humble. Keep your feet very carefully placed on the ground
  • Listen with the intent to understand-not to respond
  • Look at what other leaders are doing and mimic what they do in regard to what makes them successful
  • Make sure to always mediate conflicts in the workplace
  • Maintain a proactive, open, and honest relationship with your regulators and discuss your plans
  • Hire the right people even if it takes time-it makes all the difference to have a strong team
  • Engage your employees to ensure continuing growth and development
  • Support teamwork
  • Create and foster culture in the workplace
  • Stay relevant throughout changes in the industry
  • Figure out what your strengths are and execute
  • Understand that your success is no greater than the success your team
  • Set the example from personal action

The CEO panel was sponsored by Flexential, UDT, Compuquip, and 24X7 Security.

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